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Sketch of statue of a large man dressed as a gladiator, holding a sword and tower shield.

Roll up, roll up, come to the show! But dear audience, be warned – the things you hear therein may haunt your dreams…

The Pantaloon Society is a supernatural audionovella about an ancient and clandestine society of clowns with unusual abilities, and the paranormal threats they are called to investigate.

Episode 11 – Beneath the Society Pt 1 The Pantaloon Society

  1. Episode 11 – Beneath the Society Pt 1
  2. Episode 10 – Il Dottore
  3. Episode 9 – Le Roman de Renard
  4. Episode 8 – Mesnée d’Hellequin
  5. Episode 7 – The Masque of Misrule

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Schedule:  Releases monthly, last week of the month.

About The Pantaloon Society

The Pantaloon Society is an audio-novella in twelve parts. It tells the tale of an ancient and clandestine society of clowns with unusual abilities and the eldritch threats they are called to investigate. 

It’s made for people who love comedy, horror and clowns, and who enjoy stories about people who live on the edges of things.

It is set in various locations around Britain in the present day, occasionally sidling off into mythic time and is populated with a cast of clowns, singers, performers, entertainers, heroes and villains. 

The Production

The Pantaloon Society debuted in May 2022 and will run for a year. It is listened to in countries across the world for reasons the creator cannot quite fathom.

It is written, recorded, produced, edited and music composed by Lou Sutcliffe (ey/em). Guest voices have been provided by Interiority (he/him) and Mike Cutchey (he/they). Lou is an autistic nonbinary void who lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK. They have made this audiofiction to see if they could, and because nobody tried to stop them.

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